Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pantry Soup

So, as I've been talking about for the last 4 blog entries, I have moved out of Alayna's apartment. I now live 26 blocks north. Luckily, I have a very nice kitchen there. Maybe one day Alayna will want to make soup at my apartment and she will see my kitchen. But for some reason, I doubt this will ever happen.

Alayna was really excited about that pantry picture because she threw out a lot of stuff so it is less cluttered. And by throwing out a lot of stuff I mean putting it in a bag and giving me the bag to take home. Either way, no one cares about this, what you do care about is our new contest!

Alayna and I are looking for the biggest Soupie. Get it? Soupie, it's like Groupie. Brilliant bar idea, I know. If you are interested in trying to be The Official Monday Soup's Soupie please comment to this blog describing the best soup you've ever had. The more details the better.

The best-sounding soup writer will be titled Soupie of the Week. Beware Alayna and I may try to copy your recipe. You will also get a feature write-up and photograph in next week's blog post. Which basically means you'll be famous by mid-July. Be careful, with great power brings great responsibility.

Spiderman's father said that.

Okay. Ready, set, go:

Pantry Soup!

• First defrost some frozen artichokes you have laying in the freezer and set aside

• Roughly chop 6-8 cloves of garlic and a yellow onion and saute in olive oil
• Add in 3-4 regular sized carrots, sliced pinky width and halved
• Add in 2 yellow squashes and 1 large zucchini sliced into halves or quarters and cook everything together until they’re getting soft.

• Add in 2 cans of white beans (canellini, norther white, whatever is in the pantry!) and your now un-frozen artichokes and a big handful of chopped parsley
• Once everything is getting warm, add in a large can of crushed tomatoes (ours was basil etc flavored, because it came from the pantry) and fill with chicken broth
• Bring to a simmer and serve!

Bloggin', soupin', living the dream.

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  1. The best thing about pantry soup is how much room you have for new food!