Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Garlic Breath Soup

Poor little baby Zizi cat hated this soup night. But our new buddy Tater-tot loved it! Especially because he got to lick the bowl. The bowl of rich garlic goodness. This soup is a nod to our vampire friends Edward and what's-her-face from Twilight. Or New Moon. Whatever. You know. I should probably know. I can probably take a swing through What Would Justin Bobby Do and figure it out.

Nods Bella and Beau.

Okay soupies, time to start seriously thinking about the great soup pot day coming up, that's right, A Year of Monday's Soup Anniversary Gala. The date should be sometime in January, details will follow, but these are a couple things that should be on your radar in the meantime:

  • Review this blog: Take a stroll back to your favorite soggy recipe; was it Veggie Detox (it actually was, I have analytics and that is our most popular soup-- you alcholoholics, you), or African peanut soup (that was MY favorite soup), or Lime Soup (Alayna?). Either way, check out our past hits and remember all the good times we had together. Remember when the blender broke? Classic soup memory.
  • Make your request early! If you have a soup you really want to make (you will bring this soup to our party in a soup pot... that's another thing, you might have to buy a soup pot)... email one of us and we'll cross that one off the list. All the soups must be different!
  • Start singing and tapping your toes: We are currently looking for songwriters, poets and dancers to help us write and choreograph the group "We Aren't Afraid of Soup" song that we will videotape and then repost on our blog and it will quickly go viral.
So let us know who could help us out. I'm not joking about any of this. At first Alayna thought I was and then she saw the soup ladle sparkling in my eye and knew. Knew I was serious. Souperious. And when you're souperious nothing can stop you.

Bad Breath Soup
  • Roughly chop 3-4 onions and two heads (that's right, HEADS, not cloves) of garlic and saute in a sprinkling of olive oil and about 3 tablespoons of butter on low
  • Add chopped fresh parsley, rosemary and thyme (we cheated and used dry thyme) and cover, stirring occasionally, letting it cook for about 30 minutes

  • Add chicken stock or vegetable broth and bring to a boil
  • Cube half a loaf of french or otherwise delicious bread and add it to the pot until soft (add more broth if it's too chunky)\
  • Blend and serve over the leftover pieces of bread
  • Try to avoid sitting to close to strangers


  1. Hi soupies,
    Here's the dizzle... I'm feeling pretty broke lately but I'm interested in making soup. I'm turned off though, by the thought of having to go out and buy tons of ingredients that I may only use once or twice. What would you say are the most common ingredients to buy that you can make lots and lots of soup with??
    Broke and hungry

  2. Oh my god Alayna will be really excited to answer this in more detail but I'd say:

    soup basics to always have in your kitchen are: garlic, thyme and rosemary (dried- you'll use it over and over), olive oil, salt and pepper, chicken or veggie broth (the goya bullion cubes, they are like .50 cents, a couple cans of diced tomatoes (the big cans- cost about $3?)

    If you have that stuff all you have to buy is whatever the produce part is and that should only cost you less than $10 for like... a big batch of soup, like 10 servings.

    Alayna, other thoughts?

  3. I think the big cheap veggies (and good for you!) to have on hand are tomato (canned), broccoli and carrots.... I like throwing spinach into everything too, but that can be a little more expensive. Kale is cheaper and just as delicious! Things like dry lentils/split peas/yellow peas/beans are also great for big cheap soups b/c they cost less than a dollar a bag and one bag can make a bunch of different soups or sides!

    Also, if you try to buy in season a little bit, you can get more variety... right now squash is cheap, so roasted squash soup is a great choice!

    Good luck Justin Bobby!!

  4. Can I bring the Thai Coconut soup? As your Number 1 Soupie I obviously want to be a part of this stupendous event!