Friday, April 16, 2010

Martha Stewart = My Hero

Alayna doesn't know this yet but what did I go ahead and do? Applied to get tickets for Martha Stewart's show for food bloggers! That's right soup lads & laddles, hope Alayna isn't busy May 5th because we're headed to the Martha Stewart TV Studios in midtown!

How can anyone say no to my request? My Martha Stewart submission is pasted below:

Tell us about yourself and the guests with whom you'd like to attend the show. Are you crafters, food enthusiasts, gardeners, or part of a school group? The more details, the better!

We are soup enthusiasts! Alayna and I have a maintained a weekly soup blog for over a year. Monday's Soups; Don't be afraid of Mondays and Don't Be Afraid of Soup! In addition to making soups, which we believe sets a solid foundation for cooks of all levels, I would also like to add here that I have been a fan of Martha Stewart's since the age of 9 when my friend (Alison Smith) and I would make videos of ourselves cooking. I pretended to be Martha, while Alison was "Nartha," Martha's evil sister. She would try to ruin Martha's perfect plans to make everything beautiful and just-right. Don't worry, Nartha never succeeded. When I was 11, Martha came into a small lobster restaurant where my family and I were eating in Maine near Bar Harbor. My mother encouraged me to go over and say hi as that whole summer I would wake up at 8am to watch her early show. But instead, overwhelmed, I couldn't breath and had to rest my head on the table for the rest of the night.


  1. I forgot to say but if we go to Martha's show we both have to wear denim shirts just like her!

  2. uhm. i own no denim shirts? who ARE you?