Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chicken Curry Soup

Wait, who's that cupping her soup bowl? Oh right, it's our old friend and roommate KZim, traveling across the county from sunny Berkley to the frozen tundra of the Lower East Side to join us in soup night. Not so much has changed since Kate decided to run away to a place of higher education, golden prospects, and life coaches, well except Zizi cat is enormous... As I write that out I am acutely aware Alayna is going to protest that I delete that line. And I won't.

You know why I won't? Because while everyone ate their warm soup I was forced into manual labor, sanding away a spice rack until my hands bled. I have a welts on my once soft, indoor kid hands to prove it. So now I'm getting my revenge and am telling the whole world, little baby Zizi isn't so little anymore. But I love her more for it. I love fat cats. We all remember blessed Big Boy Snauffer don't we?

So hurray for this soup. Put the word "curry" in a soup title and I think it's going to be a lardy mess of goodness--fatty goodness. This is not that sort of curry soup. There isn't a dairy product to be found- just curry powder. It's tasty and super healthy. So indulge in this non-indulgence. Even Zizi can have a few licks.

Chicken Curry Soup

  • roughly chop one large yellow onion and saute in olive oil
  • also roughly chop one large sweet potato, three turnips and 5-7 large carrots, to add once the onion is getting translucent.
  • sprinkle generously with garam masala and curry powder and stir until all veggies are covered
  • cover in chicken or veggie broth and bring to a low boil, simmering for about 20 minutes
  • add two chopped apples
  • in a different pan, cook 3 chicken breasts in olive oil and set aside
  • once veggies are all soft, blend then together. add in chicken, and salt, pepper and lime to taste
  • serve!

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